I started at Fit in March of 2010. Since then I have lost 40 lbs, and I am confident that I will continue my success.
After a lifetime of weight loss program and fitness regimes, I am well acquainted with weight loss plateaus. In the past, my workout focused on cardio with resistant training being my second priority. Kevin Smyth has helped me see the benefits of muscle building as a key component in my weight loss program. Combining muscle building with metabolic sets has resulted in an increase in my strength, cardio stamina and overall fitness.
I’m currently training with Kevin in his small group personal training class on Saturdays. Throughout the week I repeat his workout at home. With a couple minor modifications, I have been able to copy his training and have seen great results. His sessions are thorough and he provides great tips and support while training. Another important factor for me is his workouts are dynamic and fun so I look forward to going every week.