Personal Training

One on One Personal Training
Fit personal training programs are customized by your trainer, specifically to meet your needs and guide you to reaching your goals. Whether you are looking to lose weight, add muscle, improve your health and feel better or a sport specific goal, a one on one training program will assure your success.

One on One Personal Training Rates:
Kevin Smyth – $70.00 / per session / 45 min

Call 216.961.0100 to book.

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Semi-Private Personal Training (groups of 2-4)
This option provides the guidance, motivation, from a personal trainer in a small group environment of 2 to 4 people. Train with a spouse, with friends or with other Fit clients. This popular format has provided fantastic results and studies have shown increased success rates for clients training in the small group atmosphere.  All semi-private training sessions are 45 minutes.

Semi- Private Memberships:

Unlimited / Up to 12 semi-privates per month / includes unlimited open group / $289
Semi-Private Basic / 5 sessions per month / $179
Drop in visit / $40

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Group Conditioning Workouts (groups of 4-12)

These sessions offer the opportunity for personal training with a group of 4-10 people. Workouts cover challenges in strength, stability, balance, core and metabolic training. This high energy workout is geared toward ramping up your metabolism and is certain to increase strength and function. All progressions are explained to offer exercises that fit any fitness level.

Group Conditioning Memberships:

Unlimited Membership / Unlimited visits per month / $140
Basic Open Group Membership / 5 visits per month / $79
Drop in visit / $20

Group Conditioning workouts are 45 minutes
Space is limited.

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